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03 Aug Monday’s Tip Of The Day – 03 Aug

11794122_673324029469835_3913947044257523401_oThe majority of parrot caregivers are concerned with their parrot’s diet but find that their parrots simply won’t accept healthy food. They view this rejection of healthy food as a “parrot killer”.

In the wild parrots learn from their parents and flock members about safe food. When we keep and raise them on their own, they miss out on that important information. If you want to encourage your parrots to eat healthier food, let them join you for dinner and see YOU eating the healthy food!

Remember the parrot mantra: What’s theirs is theirs, what’s yours is theirs. Or, from the parrot’s point of view, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s theirs is mine.”

Milo would never eat carrots when they were added to his food bowl. Joining me for dinner this evening, the temptation of my food was just too great. If I’m eating the carrots, they must be fine; therefore, they are his. He stole all of them!!

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