Selkies Cavalier Puppies

Selkies Cavalier Puppies

I became fascinated by Cavalier King Charles Spaniels many years ago when I was lucky to have some attend my dog training classes. I was attracted by their kind nature and intelligence and from first meeting them I was smitten.

Working as an animal behaviourist. I was well aware of how to source a puppy from a good and conscientious breeder; and, after a long search, my first cavalier female came into our life. Merlin– my sons called her this– has been a welcome and much loved addition to our lives. I became interested in breeding’ and, working as an animal behaviourist for many years, I know the behavioural problems that could have been prevented later in life if pups had been adequately prepared for life at the breeder’s home before they go to their new homes. Thus, my goal has to be to breed only psychologically and physiologically healthy puppies.

Some of my puppies, including my own Lily, have done very well in the Show Ring, qualifying for Cruft’s and winning Reserve Challenge Certificates. However, the majority of my pups have found loving forever homes with amazing caregivers.

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