Behavioural Consultations for Dogs and Cats

Veterinary Referral and Insurance

Your vet may have already suggested that you contact Elaine for advice, in which case please ask them to send us a copy of your pet’s medical history, together with their permission for Elaine to offer advice and support. If you’re contacting us directly then we will send you a veterinary referral form for your vet to sign.

It’s important for Elaine to understand any medical issues which may be affecting your pet’s behaviour, as a qualified behaviourist she will take a holistic approach to the treatment of your pet.

If you have pet insurance then this may cover the consultation but please check your policy documents and contact me for any further information regarding insurance.


Our consultation package may be offered remotely, or “blended”- as a combination of remote and in person. 

Initially, you and Elaine will have a 2-hour Zoom consultation to discuss the issues you are having with your dog; to explain in detail how the programme is going to work and to provide you with initial training and behaviour advice to get you started. 

We have found that a remote consultation at this stage works extremely well.  It is not necessary to see the dog in-situ right away, but it is important for Elaine to learn from you as much about the issues you are facing as possible. We would also ask for you to send any video footage of your dog’s problem behaviour through to Elaine, ahead of this consultation.

Once the programme begins you will then be asked to keep a detailed diary of your daily work and progress with your dog. Elaine will support you throughout this process with weekly email support, video reviews of your work and other remote or in person one-to-one sessions, as and when it is needed, to ensure progress. 

All Elaine’s methods are non-aversive and punitive methods are never used.

Elaine would work with you, as described, for 3-months.  If your policy allows, we can then help you with the paperwork to be reimbursed by your insurer.

Altering behaviour issues takes time and commitment.  If after 3-months the issue is still not resolved and you wish to continue the work, Elaine will discuss the cost and explain how to progress forward.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Remote Consultations

Consultations can also be offered remotely, with the initial and follow-up sessions taking place via Zoom or similar. This means that we are able to provide consultations to clients throughout the UK and around the world, and that we can continue to provide consultations to all clients despite the current COVID-19 restrictions.

"Elaine has supported me to manage the demands of a highly reactive terrier from a pup through to adulthood, including most recently where his behaviour has highlighted issues around aggression."

Elaine has helped me to understand and manage Dexter’s behaviour more effectively and provided me with the skills to cope. This has improved my relationship with my dog and also helped me regain the quality of life I felt I lost when his behaviour became too difficult to cope with.

I have felt reassured and have faith that at each contact, Elaine has both mine and Dexter’s interests at heart. Although always constructive, the emotional attachment I have with my dog can make feedback difficult to hear, however, I continue to seek Elaine for support as I can evidence the progress we have made since first attending puppy class when he was 3 months young.

I would highly recommend Elaine and quite simply, because her input and management plans work (provided you dedicate yourself and fully commit to seeing them through)!



Puppy Package

Our Puppy Package will teach you, your family, and your puppy all the essential skills to develop a calm, friendly dog you can take anywhere. Private training is ideal for a busy lifestyle with a one-to-one, personalised approach.

We offer one-to-one lessons as follows: The first session takes around two hours, following this you then get a minimum of four 30-minute bite size sessions and bespoke email support for 2 months.  Most of these sessions will take place remotely with face-to-face training when needed.

Topics covered may include.

  • Settling-in your pup
  • Introducing your puppy to children and other pets
  • Toilet training, puppy mouthing and lead training.
  • Traffic manners
  • Lead walking
  • Meeting other dogs and people
  • Recall training and play.
The above suggestions may be adapted to you and your puppies needs. 

Dog Training

We offer both dog training classes and private, one-to-one training.

Our regular dog training classes usually run in Glasgow, Paisley and Ayr, covering all levels from puppy to advanced.

If you choose private training then following an initial two-hour session at your home (or local park), you will then have two follow-up sessions two to four weeks later. Elaine will work with you to produce a robust training plan for you to implement at home. This private training solution is ideal for your busy lifestyle as we can arrange appointments at a time to suit you, and it includes six months of weekly email support.

Behavioural Consultations for Parrots

Our parrot sessions are always carried out remotely.  After you’ve completed our comprehensive questionnaire we’ll arrange an initial one-hour session, to be carried out via Zoom or similar. Following this session you will receive an emailed report detailing stage one of the suggested behaviour modification plan.

We then ask for weekly diaries to be sent over, by you, each Sunday. After reviewing these diaries, Elaine will advise you on next steps as part of the behaviour modification plan.

During the process, you may have up to two additional remote sessions with Elaine. Support will last for around six months; this may be extended by mutual consent.


"After making initial contact with Elaine I received a very quick response. I found Elaine very friendly and reassuring and she clearly explained the process of her support to me."

She provided me with a clear and detailed report after our first consultation (and liaised directly with my vet to ensure they were in the loop on what she had suggested). Elaine then provided follow-on support by phone, text and Skype – she was always very responsive and never made me feel like she was “on the clock” when she was providing advice. The way that she cares passionately for parrots has really shone through throughout the process.

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who is having issues with their parrot – it has been so reassuring to have her to call upon for support. We have seen real progress with Jessie (although there is still a way to go!) and I honestly don’t think we would have achieved this without Elaine’s help – thank you Elaine for everything.


Expert Witness Reports

I am frequently asked by owners or solicitors to give an unbiased opinion about the behaviours of dogs, and I have been instructed to work on hundreds of cases involving the Dangerous Dog Act as amended by the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010, for both the prosecution and defence. 

I also deliver training on the implementation of this Act to local councils throughout Scotland as an esteemed expert.

I act as a dog expert witness following instructions by pet owners, solicitors, Police Forces welfare organisations and the Scottish courts.

Clients benefit from my comprehensive working knowledge of legislation and the ability to interpret such acts appropriately. I work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that the dog in question is expertly and objectively assessed and that the subsequent report is diligently produced and completed to a helpful but professional standard.

As an accredited companion animal behaviourist with over 20 years of experience, I can also assist with civil matters ranging from Noise Abatement Orders to fostering and adoption assessments for Social Work Departments and other child agencies.

I have provided numerous dog assessments for social services, fostering and adoption organisations. I offer professional assessments of an existing dog within a household or prior to placing the child into a home.