One to One Lessons

One to One Training Lessons

One-to-one training is designed for dogs with basic training problems or very minor behaviour issues. This option is preferable in cases where a training class may not be best suited to the needs of the dog or caregiver, or where you have specific training issues at home or out and about on your usual walks.

What is covered during one-to-one sessions is dependent on your needs; accordingly, your training programme will be specifically tailored to suit the needs of you and your dog.

Puppy visits. These sessions are designed for puppies attending or waiting to attend Puppy Class. They are usually conducted at home and last around two hours. These are ideal for caregivers who wish to give their puppy the best start from the beginning.

Interested in a one to one lesson for your dog?
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“I would recommend Elaine without hesitation, she is a truly experienced professional. There are a lot of behaviourists online but I would urge you to see Elaine!”

– Becky, Kester and Bramble