I’d absolutely recommend Elaine. Elaine worked with me and my 2 year old Boerboel, who was having a few issues being left on his own, which were starting to transfer to his outside time. Elaine, helped me understand why he was behaving the way he was and we started a programme. This worked really well, but more importantly, what it did was make me realise that my change in circumstances were not the best to make sure my big boy was having the best life he could have and actually his behaviours, in part at least, could be because of his surroundings etc. I won’t go into details here, but I made the heart-breaking decision to rehome my baby to a home where had all the space and attention he deserved. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I was only able to do to it with the process I had gone through with Elaine and knowing it was in my baby’s best interests. Elaine gave me the confidence to make a decision, that was about my boy and his needs and not about me or my needs. She was always available to talk and listen. Debbie and Rocky

DRAGO: Caregiver directed aggression.

As the first time owner of an African Grey parrot, I knew when my Drago started having some beharvioural issues I was better off reaching out to a professional than to post online and get all kinds of advice, which many times does more harm than good. So I contacted Elaine Henley in May of 2016.

Elaine was very responsive to my emails and had a simple but thorough questionnaire which we followed up with a Skype video call. During our Skype call Elaine was able to observe our setting and made some immediate suggestions. Within a day or two the behavioural issues I was having began to resolve.

In addition when I rescued a pair of bonded Conures Elaine again came forward and offered advice that was extremely valuable and helped to avoid potential problems from the start!

Elaine is not just a one and done kind of consultant, she has followed up with us and we have Skyped a few more times. She has told me (gently) the times that I have been slipping in what I should be doing and how to get back on track. In a gentle but unwavering, sometimes blunt, manner Elaine will guide and instruct. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Elaine Henley for her help and guidance with my bird. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice!

All the best!
Arden Ward
Murfreesboro, TN, USA


This is one of my fav. Photos of me and Kundi . . . Before she rejected me.  About two years ago I sought guidance from Elaine Henley for this viciously biting, literally ear-ripping Grey I’d had since a fledgling (my bird, Kundi, is now 3 1/2 yo.). After weeks of applying a gradation of techniques prescribed by Elaine, a certified parrot behaviorist, Kundi became less of a threat. And as time progressed, as my our (husband and my) behavior remained consistent, Kundi became, less and less aggressive. BTW, Kundi had transferred her affections from to my husband, and that is still the case. You can only imagine my heartbreak! Terry viewed Kundi as “my thing.” Also, BTW, he is now head over heels in love with Kundi. Anyway, once Kundi was no longer ripping off my ear, Elaine suggested that I establish a no-touch, but thriving relationship with my feared companion . . . Her bites were beyond painful and also ripped my soul. It took a long time to establish this no-touch relationship, but we did. Two years later: within the past few weeks, Kundi has ventured near me without displaying her “I’m going to rip your face off” strut. I hold still and talk quietly, encouraging her gentle behavior. Three times! She flew away on her own accord but had tread upon my hip, chest and lower arm without aggression. I’d do anything for a Kundi.

Still, as much as I want to scoop her up, or scratch her head, irbsmell her feathers ( it has been SO long) I won’t betray her trust by touching her. Yet hope flies eternal: it looks like she MIGHT be ready to go to the next step . . . Within a year or so.

So to my Grey-keepers, you don’t necessarily have to rehome. DONT GIVE UP! A hands-free relationship is possible and satisfying. Time can be on your side. Seek professional guidance .Greys have a long lifespan so it makes sense that they take their own sweet time with decisions. Any one-word advice from me to a bird owner . . . PATIENCE!

We used FaceTime and spoke face to face a number of times. I answered a questionnaire she sent to me on line. After I sent it back, she did a written evaluation. Then we started altering OUR (my husband and me), expectations and environment, which in turn altered Kundi’s behavior. It’s an ongoing process, even today. And our home is so much happier and more peaceful, as is Kundi. If your Grey ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Eveleen Cecchini


Without Elaine’s expert guidance it is very unlikely we would still have our rescue dog today.

Kiki arrived with aggressive behaviours which we could not handle. Both times at home and out on the street were stressful to the point of exhaustion. She would race around the flat in circles, growling and barking at us. She would grab post out of the letterbox and bark at everything. On the street she would bark aggressively, or freeze and not move. It was clear that she was very anxious, but we had no idea how to deal with it.

Elaine quickly turned things around. She has been surefooted in her analytical advice and always honest, clear and available when there are bumps in the road. Kiki’s behaviours have changed dramatically as a result, as have ours!

Thanks to the skills and practices Elaine has put in place, we are now able to relax around Kiki and enjoy her company. 6 months down the line, we are now excited about our future with Kiki, and couldn’t have hoped for a better result. We can’t really thank her enough.


Hi Elaine, thought a wee one year review of duchess would be good to hear. We have achieved so much with Duchess. The one main focus i wanted to be able to do was to have all my family at the school on my Girls first day at school. I was so happy to know that duchess can stay home alone for up to five hours happily and we don’t need to worry about her been distressed. We have reduced the amount of Prozac she receives in the hope she will be able to be able to stay alone in time without medication.

We still follow all the steps put in place and she is now a well behaved dog who know sees us as her owners and not her been boss. My life has changed so much and having a summer holidays with the kids and been able to do day trips with the kids was amazing. Duchess has a better quality of life now as I don’t resent her for been so housebound any longer. Thank you for the support and guidance you have given us to achieve something I thought was unthinkable. She still doesn’t keep great with her stomach issues but that’s easier to manage now she isn’t as distressed. One happy family thanks to yourself. Thank you

Tracy Sweeney 


We brought our two Labradors, Hunter and Nelson, with us when we returned to Scotland from many years in South Africa. Typical South African dogs, they’d always been free to roam about gardens and closed off areas. When they came to the UK they were disgusted – they had to be on lead AND walk on a pavement AND behave around random dogs?They both let us know how unacceptable they found this by playing constant tug-of-war with us when we walked them, to the point that we were taking injuries from strain on the arms and knees. It was exhausting. After buying half a dozen different harnesses and shock-absorbing leads to no avail, I finally started (desperately) searching for someone to help us. The rest, they say, is history.

Elaine gives practical, actionable steps to get your dogs on the same wavelength. There was no wishy-washy whoohah. This was a real plan, and we started seeing results almost immediately. The dogs are now a pleasure to walk, and we’ve had some perks we didn’t expect as well. Our older gentleman, Hunter, used to be a bit whingy when we took him in the car, and constantly played up at the vet. Now we can drive him greater distances with barely a peep, and he’s calm and manageable at the vet. Young un’ Nelson no longer tries to jump on every person and dog he meets (he earned the nickname “Bulldozer” at his doggy day-care in South Africa). I’ve even had quite a few ‘what a well-behaved dog’ comments out on our walks too. Nelson now attends Elaine’s weekly classes and is having a blast. Both dogs are so much happier, and the humans can breathe a sigh of relief too.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Elaine. I only wish we’d found her sooner.

Claire Rooney


Our cocker spaniel was around 3 or 4 months old when he started to show signs of what we now know to be resource guarding behaviour particularly around objects he’d “found”.. This began with growls and escalated fairly quickly over the next few months. He was an obsessive scavenger who learnt drop It and leave it commands quickly and then began to ignore them. He began to develop upset stomachs and we were at the vet continuously in his first few months. We were warned that we would need to stop him picking things up and may need to consider a muzzle on walks to prevent it. We made even more effort to remove items. This was a constant endeavour on every walk.

His growling moved to air snapping and then he bit (though pre Elaine we called it a nip as he never broke the skin). We knew we needed help and trawled the internet for a trainer. We picked one with extensive reviews and who had been on a number of “courses” He confirmed that our pup had issues with resource guarding by conducting a series of tests , which he didn’t run through with us first and which included trying to take things off him and putting a large chunk of meat in his pen and not letting him near it (!). Unsurprisingly, he reacted each time – with teeth baring and growls like we had never seen, truly horrible not to mention risky. He recommended we work on exchange which worked well for a few weeks until our pup worked this out and began picking up even more in order to get a reward and then eventually the reward didn’t work either. Things came to ahead when he was 7 months old with a further biting incident this time with no warning cues and we knew this needed addressed right away.

Our friends had been working with Elaine and recommended her. We contacted her and she was round very promptly. She spent 4 hours listening to us and watching our dog.. Elaine produced a comprehensive report that detailed the issues without the need for any risky test to Illicit his behaviour. As well as resource guarding we were having an issue with settling, he was perfect through the night and when he was left but since the day we got him, when we were in same room he demanded constant and all encompassing attention. His recall started really well but was also becoming unreliable when other dogs were in sight (even as dots in the distance!) Elaine made some immediate changes to where his crate was, the food he was on (he was on high quality food but with too many protein sources) routine in the house, how we should walk him, and the biggest change: under no circumstance do we take anything off him or exchange. Ever. We were highly sceptical of this to say the least!

We wrote a daily diary and were in contact with her frequently in early days. She tweaked his plan dependent on his behaviour and directed our responses to it. Elaine can be fairly forthright, was clear when there were things we could be doing differently and gave a few (with hindsight much needed) reality checks on our dog’s personality which can be hard to hear – this can be emotional work when you love your dog and feel guilty about his behaviour! Elaine seemed to genuinely share in our delight at his and our successes and pointed out when we were too hard on ourselves and was always on hand to deal with any issues. Elaine was able to note health issues which had not been identified by the vet and she personally spoke to our vet to ensure these were resolved and helped us to understand how these issues likely triggered his scavenging and resource guarding. This was then made worse by our well intentioned but unhelpful attempts to stop him picking things up. She taught us that as a part working dog, he needed to be taught his “off” switch. Within 2 weeks his behaviour at home had changed dramatically, he was sleeping at our feet which was unheard of, he was playing by himself and he was no longer barking when we weren’t interacting with him. The relief was incredible. The resource guarding reduced quickly with the measures in place but there was a lot of time and effort and persistence to ensure that this was a way life that stuck rather than just an occasional intervention. We overhauled everything.

A year on and lots of work later, we still have resource guarding dog. However, we now have the understanding behind his behaviour and how to manage it. He rarely is in a position where he reacts as we know how to deal with this before it arises. On the rare occasions he does, he is back to giving warning cues of a growl or freeze and we immediately back off (and we don’t worry about others advice about “ showing him who’s boss” and taking it from him). We can now get things off him if we absolutely have to, albeit not in the way you might with most dogs! There has been one very minor bite in almost a year when we lapsed in his plan and none for 7 months. He is settled in the house, has near perfect recall, rarely picks things up and with measures in place around toys and food he manages well around kids. he’s still an independent, hyper wee rogue who doesn’t listen and is easily distracted at times, but he’s generally a delight to spend time with and pretty much the dog we imagined having. Our worse days before we met Elaine the resource guarding led us to consider something that we never in a million years thought we would – rehoming, we felt that we weren’t doing right by him and he needed a more experienced caregiver . We are SO SO glad we didn’t. There’s a lot of worry around dogs that have aggressive resource guarding responses and rightly so, but with the right support, commitment and dealing with it as quickly as possible, there is hope.

Thank you, Rex and family


I contacted Elaine as my dog had been reported to the police after a fight with another dog. Elaine was very thorough in her pre consultation questionnaire. The three hour home visit was intense however Elaine was very professional and put me at ease as I found it very stressful.

Her follow up report was very detailed and was very honest and highlighted some points which made uncomfortable reading however if you want to support your dog’s behavioural changes it is really important to be totally honest with the information you pass on.

I followed the changes which meant taking my dog back to basics and changing routines in the house. I won’t lie it was hard work but well worth it in the long run. My dog is now much happier and well behaved following simple instructions and no longer being aggressive to certain dogs.

I would recommend Elaine as she is very supportive, professional and honest. Her knowledge is extensive and she is always happy to speak to you if you have any queries.

I have found that if you continue to follow the guidelines Elaine recommends your dog will be a much happier, well behaved family pet.

Judith and Louis

Rocco: territorial aggression, reactive towards dogs, lack of manners & boundaries.

I wanted to formally acknowledge the life changing interventions that Elaine has helped us make with our boy, Rocco. We sought Elaine’s assistance last year after several incidents when he had exhibited aggressive behaviour towards other male dogs. I’d become anxious about walking him and had taken to walking him without the wider family and away from other dogs. He wasn’t the family dog I had hoped for. Following a particularly distressing incident I contacted Elaine. She came and assessed rocco at home. she took her time and in fact ended up saying several hours. She communicated clearly to us her findings and provided the right amount of theory, examples and rationale to help us gain a good understanding of both the origin of the difficulties as well as the proposed management plan. It was a real light bulb moment for me, I had not appreciated the significance of his behaviours nor our management of him and how this collectively perpetuated his problems. This was also provided in written form. Elaine continued to provide support and guidance to us through the months (especially me when id panic), she was extremely patient but also extremely knowledgeable and wise. Elaine would alter the intervention plan as Rocco’s behaviour began to change. She always spoke though with us the theory that was guiding her practice, which I found really fascinating, but also reassuring. Through our work with Elaine we now better understand our dog’s behaviour, we are far better equipped to manage him appropriately. No more reinforcing negative behaviour. I am enjoying walking my dog again, thanks to Elaine I now have a far more relaxed and happy dog, who is happy and able to engage with his family and other dogs with good manners. Elaine, you are a legend.

Gaynor, Warren & Rocco.

Bailey: anxiety, aggression towards caregiver and others, reactive towards other dogs, stress related itchy skin, hyper attachment issues, food guarding.

I have an 8 yr old Bichon Frise. From day one Bailey displayed very nervous and scared behaviour and also separation anxiety. At a year old he started to show signs of aggression around food and that’s when I got in touch with a “behaviourist”. I had a couple of sessions which cost me a lot of money but nothing with Bailey really changed.

Over the years I then had another behaviourist out to my house, to no avail and never got any feedback from them or updates for me to continue with Bailey so he then continued with that same unwanted behaviour. I felt I was at the end of my tether.

I realised that neither “behaviourist” was actually qualified!

A friend had given me Elaine’s number and she came very highly recommended. I was dubious considering the failed attempts I’d had in the past but I contacted Elaine, at this time Bailey had actually lunged for and occasionally bitten various members of my family, my partner and also myself. I had been to my vet who had given me many different types of medication including prosaic to calm him down, he also had very itchy skin from a young age and had also been on long term steroids to calm the itching down and he never ate very much.

I had been told by my vets to consider rehoming Bailey which of course broke my heart! Making that initial call to Elaine saved both myself and my dog from a lot of heart ache, we spent a long time on our first phone conversation, immediately making me feel at ease, Elaine spoke with me not at me and after that conversation we arranged to meet at my home.

From the very first meeting she gave me excellent support and advice, first and foremost she recommended food that I should be getting for him, she helped me to implement clear boundaries and rules for Bailey within the home and taught me how to be in control rather than Bailey controlling every situation and getting his own way. Immediately Baileys behaviour changed, he was calmer, he ate every bit of food I gave him and within 2 weeks of being on this new food he no longer needed steroids and 3 months down the line he still does not require any medication. He controls himself better and although he might be uncomfortable in certain situations he has not bitten anyone. My house is calmer all round, Bailey will always be a work in progress but with the tools and knowledge Elaine has shared with me, I believe he will be around a lot longer than previously thought.

My house is now MY house again and not run by my dog, he doesn’t always get his own way and I feel I can control him better. Elaine had asked me to send her a diary every week of daily ups and downs, to keep her up to date with Baileys progress. She always gets back to me with advice and support. To know she is there at the end of an email or telephone is imperative to myself and Baileys future. I am unbelievably grateful to Elaine for all the help she has already given me and for the continuous support and encouragement. I thought I had nowhere else to turn and Elaine gave me the tools to enjoy having my dog again. I can not speak highly enough for what Elaine has done for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone having problems and I am so glad I made that call that day.

Thank you Elaine!

Karen & Bailey

Kea: apprehension of rude dogs, who rushed up to her.

Kea is a rescue dog that we rehomed when she was approximately 3. At first, Kea didn’t react to anything at all. I loved taking Kea for long walks and fell in love with her instantly. One day we were alone in the local dog park and an owner came in with a large dog off lead that took a dislike to Kea and the next thing the dog was on top of Kea. This was a horrible incident but both dogs were fine and I put it down to experience and moved on. Another time, I was walking locally with Kea, on lead, and a small off lead dog ran up to her with aggression before leaving a nip on her leg. Again, both dogs were fine but this time, I became terrified that Kea would be badly hurt which affected my confidence. We noticed a change in Kea’s behaviour and she would react when dogs walked by or came too close. I knew how amazing Kea was and wanted to bring out the best in her however walks had become quite stressful.

I then discovered Elaine and cannot thank her enough. Elaine helped us to understand Kea’s behaviour and made us realise that she was scared and not being aggressive. We changed her diet and followed a programme and instantly saw changes in Kea and also in me. The main thing I loved about the training was that it was simple to follow yet very effective. After a while Kea joined the class and I have to admit the first night I was scared at the thought of being surrounded by off lead dogs and worried that Kea would react really badly. However, Elaine and everyone in the class are very welcoming. Kea still has her moments but we continue to notice a huge difference in Kea and she loves the classes. It’s great to see her being part of a group and wagging her tail and having fun. I would strongly recommend Elaine to help both you and your dog with any issues.

Thank you, Gillian, Graham and Lea

Ace: a farm collie who had difficulty with life as a pet, which resulted in high amounts of anxiety, compulsive behavioural issues and stress.

Ace is our 2 year old border collie. We adopted him from a working farm at 6 months old. Ace wasn’t house trained, vaccinated or had any proper introduction to the world outside of the barn he was being kept in as he wouldn’t work the sheep for the farmer.

Ace settled in very quickly and was an absolute joy to have as he was quick to learn and such a gentle soul. He was a firm favourite everywhere we took him.

Unfortunately we started noticing odd behaviour towards his food and water bowls, no matter what food brand or where the bowls went he would pace beside them or avoid all contact with them completely. Then he decided to not toilet in his garden (which was never an issue for him since we got him and toilet trained him) he would skulk around like he was waiting on being beaten or he’d sit up the top of the garden and stare at us, shaking all over and not breaking eye contact. On walks which were always a joy to do with him even in the rain quickly became stressful because his whole focus narrowed down to the ball launcher. He wouldn’t sniff the ground or play with other dogs. His whole world narrowed down to the ball and when it was going to be thrown. If Ace wasn’t gunning for the ball he’d be trying to chase the trains, bikes, prams or scooters which was a nightmare because he’d either take off and wouldn’t come back or he’d try to climb in the pram to be with the child inside! He became very anxious in the house and would pace room to room, getting under our feet and getting himself told off for wedging himself in silly places. We couldn’t lift a key without him pelting about the place in a right state!

We’d taken Ace to the vets to be neutered and I was speaking with a vet nurse and explaining some of the issues we were having with Ace. She told us she would phone Elaine after she’d put Ace into his kennel and get her opinion on the problems we were having. I got a phone call an hour later and had a long discussion with Elaine about Ace and I was sent a questionnaire to fill out giving detailed answers on his background, behaviours etc. A home visit was arranged and Elaine spent a couple of hours here with us watching Ace’s interactions with us and towards his “problem areas”. We were given our homework and told to keep a weekly diary so Elaine could monitor his progress.

Ace has now been given a whole new routine to follow, he has his time out space and has learned to switch off and relax in the house. We’ve had to put him on medication which I’m pleased to say has made a huge difference to him. He’s back to being relaxed and comfortable in the garden again and our walks are just awesome! No more ball launcher!, it was a hard one to crack but now he doesn’t even notice them when we’re out walking and he doesn’t chase trains, bikes etc or trying to climb into prams! Ace’s progress is an on going thing and although we may have a few bad days I’ve been given the tools to help deal with him and to help him cope too. Elaine has always been available to fire questions too and give the best solution to whatever problems have come up. I can’t recommend Elaine enough. If your having a difficult time with your furry companion definitely don’t hesitate getting in touch because she hands down is the key to getting a happy, healthy and balanced dog!

Thank you Nina & Ace.

Islay: puppy weaning distress, separation disorder and lack of confidence.

My partner and I brought home an 8 week old miniature poodle after planning on getting a dog for a couple of years.

Islay was lovely, fun, and playful, but it quickly became apparent she did not like being on her own. She stuck to us like glue, cried/howled when left alone, and was howling/yelping/crying at night.

We had decided on crate training but whenever the crate door was closed she became very distressed. We had tried all the usual advice online yet none of it was working.

After nearly 2 weeks we were almost resigned to the fact we had a pup that just couldn’t be left alone. How would we manage? How would that fit with our jobs/commitments? That’s when a friend recommended Elaine.

My partner had a good phonecall with Elaine who got the background on the issue, gave some initial advice, and arranged to come out for an assessment.

The assessment took around 3 or 4 hours where Elaine went through all aspects of the problem. She helped us understand that Islay probably had weaning distress and was poorly socialized by the breeder. A plan was put in place – we were given a schedule to help with crating, Islay’s food was changed to something a bit tastier with a stronger smell to help her eat more, and we were encouraged to get her out and about to experience the world.

We got a written report from Elaine with all the background and recommendations written down, and invited to come along to puppy class. Elaine asked us to stay in touch by emails/phone, and to send over a diary every week.

The change in Islay was swift. Within the first week the new routine was working – when being crated for an hour Islay was only whining for a few minutes then settling down. She was also becoming more confident in general.

8 weeks on, and things are pretty much perfect. She happily jumps into her crate, and barely makes a peep. Our work/life routines are back to normal, and Islay seems much more content to play on her own and be a little more independent. We still attend puppy class and the odd adult class to help Islay get more comfortable around dogs – especially bigger ones. Elaine did not charge us for the first block of puppy classes or attendance at adult dog classes!

We would absolutely recommend Elaine to help anyone with issues with their dogs. The improvement has been dramatic, and the support from Elaine has been excellent.

Marc, Eilidh and Islay.

Layla: fear of grooming and veterinary examination; lack of manners at home, using aggression to control situations.

laylaWe would urge anyone having problems with their dog to contact Elaine as she provides a second to none level of support, advice and experience.

Elaine was recommended to us by our vet (May 2016) as our 15 month Standard Schnauzer (Layla) was reacting badly to being lifted onto the table in the vets, had been termed “ungroomable” and was showing aggression to her family while being territorial in the house.

Layla had to have her stomach pumped on Easter Sunday after she found and gorged on 4 chocolate filled eggs! Naturally she reacted badly to her next visit to the vets……. after Elaine’s intervention methods were adopted by us, Layla is much calmer at the vets and actually received her booster in August 2016 whilst standing on the vet’s table! We have also been able to administer eye cream (for conjunctivitis) with minimum fuss at home.

3 separate groomers (2 from well known, commercial companies) tried in vain, to groom Layla over a period of 6 months (November 2015-April 2016). We took Layla to a Grooming Parlour, we had a groomer come to the house and we had a Grooming Van park outside our house. Layla nipped 1 groomer and bared her teeth menacingly at the other 2. The 3rd groomer told us Layla was basically ungroomable! We had to have her anaesthetised at the vet’s surgery so that some shaving of matted fur could occur and so that her fringe could be cut to enable her to see properly. Obviously this process was worrying and distressing for everyone involved, especially Layla. When I told Elaine this had happened she assured me INSTANTLY that our dog would never again have to be anaesthetised for this reason and …… she was RIGHT. Layla has been successfully groomed now on a number of occasions thanks to Elaine’s advice, training of us (humans) and the excellent recommendation of an amazing groomer – Arlene at “Pampered Paws”.

Layla had started nipping at the care givers in the home when they tried to remove her from the couch when she was barking at the window. She barked at everything – people, cars, birds, leaves blowing on the ground etc. As a direct result of our implementing Elaine’s methods and advice we now have a much calmer, well behaved dog who does not nip her family in protest, but rather, does as she’s told when she’s told.

Layla has been attending Elaine’s Teenager Dog Training Classes (with dogs of a similar age) and this has been another truly rewarding experience. No two training classes are the same and we are encouraged to bring a variety of objects from our homes to supplement the lessons. The recent Dog Hallowe’en Party was fantastic!

Elaine provided invoices for all of her services and our pet insurance has repaid us the vet fees for anaesthetising Layla to be groomed, Elaine’s consultation fees and the fees for the weekly Training Classes.

We are running out of superlatives in our attempt to praise the sterling work Elaine Henley does. She is a credit to her profession.

Heartfelt Thanks
Layla, Paul, Jacqueline, Ross & Callum

Maggie: Panic attacks at home.

maggieMaggie is our 5 year old Labrador cross springer spaniel, we have had Mag’s since she was a 7 week old pup, she was a little farm mistake, both her parents were working dogs.

Maggie came to live with us and quickly settled into live in the city, we worked, she had a dog walker take her out daily, we did lots of training and took mags everywhere with us if we weren’t working, long walks the pub and that was us for 2 years, never a minutes bother.

I then became pregnant with our first child and was very unwell I spent 2 months signed off work and was at home with Maggie all day every day. After my return to work we started to see a slight anxious behaviour every now and again, started to scratch at doors if they were shut, we had the baby and I was off work on maternity, over the next year we stared to see more and more anxious behaviour, scratching at doors, getting stressed at the washing machine, Hoover, we moved house and then saw Maggie become very stressed and anxious weekly and then quickly becoming daily, to the point we could no longer leave Maggie in the house as she would destroy the doors, floors, she would panic, hyper salivate, pant, pace. We saw another behaviourist which didn’t work and Maggie was getting worse and now would panic in the night and only be happy going out in the garden, but she would just sit out in the rain or sit in the bushes and look very worried, despite having the summer house open and her bed in there.

It was at this point I genuinely had no idea what to do with her and couldn’t see a way forward after having already sort the help of a behaviourist with no improvement. But I was then recommended Elaine by a colleague and told ‘definitely see Elaine she knows her stuff and is no nonsense’ which is absolutely true, we saw Elaine and basically said Maggie is a working dog who is unemployed, since working with Elaine to stimulate Maggie and teach her to be able to switch on and more importantly switch off we have had no panic behaviour, she does still want to go outside but is sleeping in the summer house on her bed and most importantly she is happy, she literally was at the point where she spent 90% of her days stressed with her ears back and tail well and truly tucked under, basically she is a different dog.

We are still working with Elaine and she continues to improve.
Elaine absolutely knows her stuff and has a brilliant understanding of each individual animal she see’s, she understood exactly what Maggie needed and helped me see what Maggie needs and how I can give her that, we now have a happy little pup, I can’t recommend Elaine enough. Even if you think there is no way to turn or there is nothing you can do, there is…..see Elaine!

Laura and Maggie

Jessie: Feather destructive behaviour.

jessieElaine was recommended to me by my avian vet after my African Grey, Jessie, had repeated consultations and treatment for feather damage and mutilation. After making initial contact with Elaine I received a very quick response. I found Elaine very friendly and reassuring and she clearly explained the process of her support to me. The behavioural support process was conducted via questionnaire, photos, Skype etc and Elaine was very responsive and flexible throughout the process.

Throughout, I found Elaine to be very knowledgeable and reassuring, always explaining the reasons why she was making suggestions. She provided me with a clear and detailed report after our first consultation (and liaised directly with my vet to ensure they were in the loop on what she had suggested). Elaine then provided follow-on support by phone, text and Skype – she was always very responsive and never made me feel like she was “on the clock” when she was providing advice. The way that she cares passionately for parrots has really shone through throughout the process.

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who is having issues with their parrot – it has been so reassuring to have her to call upon for support. We have seen real progress with Jessie (although there is still a way to go!) and I honestly don’t think we would have achieved this without Elaine’s help – thank you Elaine for everything.


Piccolino: Separation disorder, anxiety and hyper attachment..

piccolinoElaine is a star and worth every penny of her consultation fee.

Our young rescue dog from Cyprus, Piccolino, had become very attached to me and had developed separation anxiety. We had been trying crate training but felt that it wasn’t working for him, so I started to search the Internet for someone to help with his problem and found Elaine, and what a find she was.

After the initial telephone contact, she got me to complete a very detailed questionnaire for background information and then came to visit and observe Piccolino. She spent several hours with us and then gave her assessment of the cause of his anxiety and set up a training programme. We received a very professional and thorough report of this assessment and training plan a few days later. I then emailed Elaine a weekly diary of his progress and she responded with advice on the next week’s programme. She also always stressed that she was happy for us to contact her at any time during the week if we had any problems or concerns.

Piccolino’s programme lasted for 10 weeks, and it was hard work, but it was worth it as we now have a happy little dog who can be left home alone without being in any stress.

I don’t think we could have done it without Elaine, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone.

Thank you Elaine
from Piccolino, Barbara and Barry

murrayMurray: Noise sensitivity, lack of manners.

I first contacted Elaine when my Tibetan Terrier (Murray) was 5 months old. He was a challenging puppy pretty much from day one, very mouthy and super mischievous, but for the most part he was lovely and definitely loved . By 4 months he was fully house trained, understood and followed basic commands, attended puppy classes, had been well socialised, was friendly meeting new people and other dogs, and was gradually improving on the mouthiness front. But…
One day, as we approached home from a walk, he got what appeared to me to be, an out of the blue attack of the crazies. He started leaping about and biting at my clothes. For a week or so after that, he’d repeat the nuts behaviour at the same place each time we took that walking route, but not elsewhere. Then he started having bitey crazy episodes in other random locations when we were out walking. He was so hyper during these episodes that he was entirely deaf to commands he’d follow at other times.

I asked for some advice from the trainers at our puppy class, and while I wasn’t particularly comfortable following the guidance, it seemed to be working and the crazy behaviour decreased from at some point on every walk, to maybe once every third walk. That lasted for about a week, then he started backsliding. He was again having a crazy fit on most walks and his behaviour at home, also started to deteriorate.

Murray’s my third dog, so I wasn’t a puppy novice, but nothing in my experience was helping me resolve his problem behaviour and by this point I had multiple pairs of puppy shredded jeans. My gut instinct was I was missing something and that if I could just understand WHY, some underlying route cause, I could fix it. So I wrote to Elaine.

She called me back the same day, we discussed some short term actions and set up a home consultation.

Before our first meeting, Elaine had reviewed a behaviour diary and the answers to a lengthy questionnaire she’d provided. She ‘met’ Murray by observing him in a pre agreed, specific set of circumstances, then spent over 3 hours with us, observing and discussing. By the end of the afternoon I was positive (and relieved) my instincts had been correct, because Elaine had broken down Murray’s behaviour into a selection of issues; poor frustration management and noise anxiety, initially, being the most prominent. Identified the route cause of them; being bottle fed by the breeder rather than natural managed feeding by his mum, and insufficient very early (pre 8 weeks) socialisation to outside noises. And came up with an action plan for us. We received the action plan we’d discussed, in writing, a couple of days later.
In the weeks and months since, Elaine’s provided loads of e-mail and phone support. We’ve had a follow up one to one in a Glasgow park, so she could observe our progress and update our ‘to do’ list. We’ve also attended some of her training classes which are very far removed from my previous training class experiences, lots more fun and in Murray’s case, more productive.

There have been no quick fixes, and it’s not always been easy. It’s also true that I’ve experienced as much ‘behaviour modification’ training from Elaine, as Murray has. But the important bit is, it worked!

Murray is now 9 and a half months old and a pleasure to walk and live with. His behaviour isn’t perfect, we still have work to do, but I can now legitimately use expressions like ‘occasionally boisterous’, instead of ‘nuts’, ‘crazy’ and ‘destructive’. I’m also really optimistic that one day, in the not too distant future, I’ll be walking through the park, feeling smug that my dog’s among best behaved.

On the first day we met, after she’d left her car at an ‘interesting’ angle outside my house, Elaine said to me, ‘don’t worry, I’m a much better behaviourist than I am a parker’.

She was right!

Lynn & Murray

Duke and Harry: Reactive towards other dogs when outside, although the underlying emotions for their reactions was different, territorial behaviour and Harry enjoyed hunting small birds and mammals when out on walks.

Duke-and-HarryDuke and Harry were very reactive to other dogs when out walking, barking at them and pulling me towards the other dogs. Walking my dogs was no longer the pleasure it was meant to be. Duke had also become very territorial in the house and would react when he heard dogs barking outside. Both dogs were very reactive and vocal when people visited our home.

I previously had advice and training from other people but unfortunately this made very little difference. I had almost given up on ‘fixing’ my dogs problems and was just going to have to learn to put up with the unwanted behaviour and what I felt was unhappy dogs. That was until not one but 2 friends recommended Elaine to me, both of whom had used Elaine for their dogs and with good results.

I have only been working with Elaine and using her behaviour modifications and techniques with Duke and Harry for the last few months and already both dogs are more settled in the house and also when out walking and are responding well to the ‘check in’ command. Everything Elaine explained to me about my dogs behaviour, techniques and modifications needed to change my dogs unwanted behaviours made sense and was straightforward enough to carry out. Most of all I am already starting to see the difference in my dogs, we have a way to go yet but at last we are heading in the right direction now. I would definitely recommend Elaine to anyone that needs help with their dogs training or behaviour.

Laura, Duke and Harry

Bertie: Fear and apprehension of other dogs, attributed to lack of early socialisation, pain and bad experiences with other dogs.

I cannot thank Elaine enough for her clear explanations and methods for helping me and Bertie and begin to achieve a normal dog walking life. Being able to go to the local park or country park and be relaxed and enjoy the experience is amazing. Seeing other dogs is no longer a fear but a training opportunity although we still have a much to learn. Not having to drive to find quiet places has improved daily life and Bert has even made doggy friends. Elaine continues to support us and I cannot thank her enough for improving both our lives with simple techniques and the speed it brought about behavioural changes in Bertie.
Paula and Bertie

Lucas: A re-homed dog from Spain, Lucas had difficulties coping with life as a house pet, as well as hyper attachment issues.

LucasI first rang Elaine when I had the sudden realisation my life was over and I couldnt see anyway forward. Lucas, my rescue dog from Spain was so attached to me that if I went to the bathroom he would bark loudly and go into a deep state of anxiety; panting, pacing etc. Leaving the house had become unheard of, if i needed to go anywhere he came with me in the car, purely to stop the neighbours complaining. I didnt know what i was going to do in the summer, dogs cant stay in cars and what if I ever ran out of milk and needed to go out?

I knew a rescue dog would be hard work but ultimately rewarding but I didnt anticipate never seeing my friends and becoming a recluse, that was until I found Elaine. Elaine was and still is my fairy godmother. She was incredibly supportive of the situation and reassured me that I can and will get my life back.

She said up a modification programme after spending several hours with Lucas. There has been some tough times throughout this but Elaine was always there, whether that be to point out where you are going wrong or reassuring you that you are doing the right thing. Elaine calls a spade a spade this works wonderfully for her line of work. It made me feel like I could always be open and honest with her even when I was struggling with the new regime.

I wont lie, its been hard work, but has it been worth it? Absolutely. If Elaine charged triple what she does would I recommend anyone else? Absolutly not.

I tell my friends and family that Elaine has “fixed” Lucas and thats no word of a lie, hes gone from a scared anxious dog that paces the house, to a happy cheeky little clown of a dog that is a pleasure to own and….I don’t need to worry about running out of milk anymore!

Hazel and Lucas

Leo: As a re-homed dog from the SSPCA, Leo feared being on his own, was fearful of traffic and lacked manners and boundaries.

leoWhen we first adopted Leo from the SSPCA in August 2015, an 18 month old border collie with a poor background, we knew we had our work cut out. From the moment we met Leo he displayed herding & chasing behaviour, without responding to commands to stop. He was impatient and focused only on his toys, without any eye contact. He displayed a lack of social skills and separation anxiety. With all that we had learned of his past we decided to allow him some time to settle into his knew home before seeking help with his behaviour issues. This was probably our first mistake. Leo became more boisterous and began to chew things when left at home alone.

After 7-8 weeks we contacted Elaine and from the very first meeting she gave us excellent support and advice. Elaine advised us to try foraging techniques to feed Leo throughout the day whilst away at work, helped us to implement clear boundaries and rules for Leo within the home and taught us basic patience training techniques to work on in between sessions. Leo`s chewing issue stopped immediately after the first meeting simply by changing his daily routine. She also supported us with training Leo to walk properly on the lead and to distract him from the traffic that he was becoming more and more interested in. Elaine encouraged us to send her videos to keep her up to date with Leo’s progress and she always messaged back with advice and support. Leo is now a much more settled and content family pet who can be left at home throughout the day. He has recently been attending Elaine’s adult dog classes which he really enjoys and the classes also give us ideas to keep his mind stimulated. He always falls asleep in the car on the way home! Leo is a changed dog. We are both more than happy with the help and support provided by Elaine and would recommend her to anyone having problems with their dog. Thank you Elaine!

David, Laura & Leo

Shadow: Possible separation disorder and lack of training /commands

shadow-2I first contacted Elaine in March 2016, having adopted a dog called Shadow from a local rescue centre that same afternoon. She appeared to be suffering separation anxiety, as well as a lack of training.

I spoke to Elaine on the phone , and she gave me a list of tasks to complete with Shadow prior to her visit , including changing her food and purchasing a harness.

Elaine arrived at my house, and I was immediately at ease with her friendly, proactive and professional approach . She listened to everything I had to say, and treated both myself and Shadow the utmost respect at all times.

Elaine gave me a full eight page report with a detailed action plan. I am delighted to say that Shadow is making more and more progress daily, and is now attending puppy classes.

Shadow knew no commands and Elaine taught me to use the words ” check in ” when walking. In actual fact when Shadow escaped the following day, using these words probably saved her life .

Elaine is always happy to answer any questions and offer advice when required. She is approachable and friendly, and has the welfare of the animals as her focal point. I would not hesitate to recommend Elaine – keep up the fantastic work and many thanks.

Sam and Shadow 

Nathaniel & Hershel: Sibling rivalry, lack of manners

Nathaniel-HershelMy husband and I have two one year old spaniels (litter mates, which we now would not recommend, one puppy at a time) they were out of control to say the least, after even the first visit with Elaine they have become different dogs and are just wee pleasures to be around.

She showed us the right way to train them and has helped create a happy house hold for both us and our dogs can not recommend Elaine’s services enough.

Sean & Ann-Marie

Shadow: Reactive with other dogs, lack of boundaries at home and when outside


When our German Shepard Shadow was four months old and out on a walk another dog jumped on him from behind and bit him. After that he became very dog reactive.

There were two main incidents which resulted in us contacting Elaine. The first was in the park Alana had let him off lead and he had ran away he was away for about 30 minutes reacting to every dog in the park he was just one scared pup.

The second was on a walk to Barrhead dams there were so many dogs and he got so reactive that he pulled Alana to the ground and dragged her. He was only six months old but already stronger than her.

We contacted Elaine through the net and arranged for a home visit. We had already tried puppy classes with another trainer which had been useless so we were very sceptical.

Elaine has a presence when she enters a room that makes you feel that things are going to get better. She has a great amount of knowledge about your pet and a very good way of explaining that to you. After our first home consultation she left us with some great tips on how to improve his behaviour and some lessons on how to improve our relationship with him. As you work with Elaine you realise she is training you on how to become a better owner and care giver to your pet.

After our first consultation we arranged to have one to one sessions in the park with her. Over the last year we have worked through his reactiveness with other dogs. We have also worked on his recall, his general behaviour and how to focus his attention on us rather on surrounding distractions. He can still be reactive to dogs however with Elaine’s advice we now have the tools to change his bad behaviour to good behaviour.

We have also worked through puppy class with Elaine and have graduated onto off lead class which is great when you see the strides he has made.

We would thoroughly recommend Elaine and are sure she would help train both you and your pet.

Shadow Alana & Stephen

Summer, Millie & Blake: Summer had difficulty accepting the new puppy

Summer-Millie-BlakeWe brought a new puppy into our home with 2 older dogs and chaos erupted when the oldest of our girls did not like the idea of this new family member.

After 4 weeks of trying everything we knew with no success, we contacted Elaine. Within half an hour of being in our home the environment and mood changed between the dogs. Elaine was invaluable at showing me how to work with the dogs to alter behaviours and from day one the change has been incredible. Two weeks have passed since Elaine’s visit and the situation is improving daily, the dogs are a pleasure, the puppy’s training is going great, our older girl is learning new tricks … as am I! If you need advice, help, training, or peace in your home don’t hesitate contacting Elaine. Her professional, caring methods certainly restored peace, harmony and fun back into handling our dogs.

God bless
Morag, Summer, Millie & Blake

Vito: Fear of other dogs, following an attack

vitoVito, a Hungarian Vizla was 11 months old when two out of control dogs attacked him. The change in his behaviour was instant; he was aggressive towards other dogs. Elaine later explained, at our initial consultation, that he was scared of other dogs. His rehabilitation began in March 2013.

Vito was so terrified of other dogs that he would react to a stuffed dog; once he could tolerate this we progressed to sessions with one or two other dogs. Then we were able to progress to a class with 8 other dogs! I thought Elaine was crazy. When we started these classes, in my eyes Vito was the worst dog in the class, jumping around, not listening, but Elaine gave us reassurance, week after week and eventually I started to see the progress that Elaine said we were making.

As the weeks passed, Vito was no longer the worst dog in the class, he was doing as he was told, setting a good example, during this time I was also starting to relax around other dogs. Elaine decided we were at a point that we should start to allow Vito to interact with other dog while in public, which we had avoided due to his melt down by the mere sight of another dog, we arranged a one to one session in a very public park, with lots of people, children and more dogs than I could count. I thought that Elaine had finally lost her mind, but that day was really the turning point of our treatment, she taught me how to deal with people and other dogs, by now I had realised that a lot of the issues, were caused by my fear, of what might happen with we encountered other dogs.

Christmas 2013, when Elaine said we can move up a class, I felt excited about this, as I felt we were ready. For the first few weeks I was nervous, as this class is off lead, gradually over the next 3 months I start to let him off lead and feel comfortable he’s not going to get into trouble or frightened.

By May 2014, with the progress we are making, I am able to take Vito to parks again, off lead dogs running up to him and no reaction as long as I stay calm.

These classes are not your normal dog training classes, they are fun for both the dog and owner, they teach you lots of new things to-do with your dog, fun games to play that you never have thought of, much more fun that throwing a ball all day in a park.

I was not always sure where we were going with certain exercise but as the weeks pass it all start to click into place.

Due to what Elaine has helped Vito & myself achieve we are now able to attend dog walks with fellow Vizsla owners, largest being each May, where up to 140 Vizsla can be in attendance.

We have also started running together at Cani-fit classes, this really challenges Vito’s behaviour, as each week different dog attends class.

Kirsty & Vito

Rory: Lack of manners and aggression problems

roryI contacted Elaine when Rory’s behaviour started to cause me concerns about his and others safety.

My boys rough play had escalated to the point where he was mugging other dogs and I was very worried that he could cause real harm. His other misbehaviour in the home, I put down to him being a terrier and often accepted his bad manners.

Elaine spent the afternoon with us, talking through all of the issues and problems and giving us suggestions and “rules”. She’s been very supportive giving lots of ongoing advise to my numerous emails and questions. I was willing to take on whatever I was told and have stuck with Elaine’s advise.

Rory is now attending Elaine’s weekly dog training class – he’s calm and responsive and doesn’t react to the other dogs which is a major turnaround for us.

The changes don’t come without a little effort but the results are impressive and have made life with Rory so much more pleasurable.

Janis and Rory

Dexter: caregiver directed aggression, fear of traffic, reactivity to dogs and people when stressed

DexterElaine has supported me to manage the demands of a highly reactive terrier from a pup through to adulthood, including most recently where his behaviour has highlighted issues around aggression.

I have struggled at times to maintain a rational and practical approach, given the emotional rollercoaster owning such a dog has created! Elaine has helped me to understand and manage Dexter’s behaviour more effectively and provided me with the skills to cope. This has improved my relationship with my dog and also helped me regain the quality of life I felt I lost when his behaviour became too difficult to cope with.

I have felt reassured and have faith that at each contact, Elaine has both mine and Dexter’s interests at heart. Although always constructive, the emotional attachment I have with my dog can make feedback difficult to hear, however, I continue to seek Elaine for support as I can evidence the progress we have made since first attending puppy class when he was 3 months young.

I would highly recommend Elaine and quite simply, because her input and management plans work (provided you dedicate yourself and fully commit to seeing them through)!

Rachel and Dexter

Ekko: inability to cope with frustration, lack of recall

ekkoI must admit, as a dog owner of some 20 years, to some scepticism prior to meeting Elaine for the first time. Our eight month old Viszla had attended locally based puppy classes previously and whilst we had recognised that Ekko wasn’t behaving the way we had hoped he would be it was still difficult to imagine that someone could have such a positive impact in such a short space of time as Elaine has.

The training, or socialisation, of Ekko is ongoing as is the training of us as owners. Watching Elaine deal with Ekko in such a calm manner and listening to her explain her techniques to us as owners – which are so easy to follow – really is amazing.

After one home visit we saw a huge improvement in Ekkos behaviour and by following the lead given by Elaine we continue to see improvements week on week.

Having reached a stage where we thought we may have made a mistake bringing Ekko into our home we are now at a stage that we can see with Elaine’s help that we will have the dog we had hoped to have initially.
Meeting Elaine has been such a positive experience for both Ekko and our family as owners and I’d recommend her services to any other dog owner without a seconds hesitation.

Gerry & Marianne Hamill

Cooper: fearful of dogs that came close to him

cooperElaine was recommended to us from a friend that had previously been to her classes and had success with their own dog. Her positive training techniques are very successful and the classes were not only educational but fun and enjoyable for owners and four legged friends alike. We found attending the classes didn’t just benefit our dog but helped us understand that it’s not always just the dog that has to change their behaviour. We have had great results since enlisting Elaine’s help and the continuing progress in our dog is a great example of her tremendous knowledge. Approachable and generous with her time and skills, it has been our pleasure in working and getting to know Elaine and we would have no problem in recommending Elaine and her classes to owners and dogs with behavioural problems.

Huge thanks,

Iain, Carolyn and Cooper xxx

In 2010 looking for a pet behaviourist in Glasgow that did not use aversive techniques was like looking for a needle in a haystack, I finally found Elaine who not only had all the credentials but she was very generous with her knowledge and time, I recommend only her to my clients and friends who are having behavioural problems with their dogs, and recommend her classes for those dogs who may just need to learn some manners. I feel very privileged to know Elaine and due to her help and knowledge I now have 2 very well behaved American Cocker Spaniel litter mates, and attribute a lot of my success with my pet clients to her guidance. I look forward to working with her for many more years to come.

Arlene Jaap – Owner at Pampered Paws Glasgow

Buddie: noise sensitivity and general manners

Buddie noise sensitivity and general mannersI first met Elaine when I took my 12 week old border collie Buddie to puppy class. Buddie was our first dog, so we would take all the help and advice we could get.

Elaine was great at puppy class with Buddie and it was more about training me and my family rather than the dog. He learned some general manners and how to behave. Buddie has kept learning new things throughout teenage class and now off-lead class with his doggy mates.

Buddie got a fright out a walk one night and then started showing signs of sound sensitivity. Elaine explained collies can be sound sensitive and provide us with training steps and advice which has been a huge help.
Buddie also developed an addiction to chasing a ball, which again can be common with collies. Elaine had a one to one session with Buddie and myself, which resulted in this issue being resolved.

Elaine even managed to train my fiancé to sit in the same room as Buddie, as he was on edge with this little bouncy pup. Instead of grabbing the ball to throw and wind Buddie up, my fiancé can now sit calm with him and watch some tv.

I would recommend Elaine and all her classes to anyone with a dog. The dogs and dog mum & dads always have a great time at class while learning something new. She generously gave us her own time after class and out with class to assist us.

Thanks again for all your help with Buddie.

Caroline & Buddie

Talon: apprehension of people approaching him; Winston: general puppy/teenager manners


We first met Elaine back in 2006 when we encountered behavioural issues with our beloved Dogue de Bordeaux Talon (approx. 1year old). We began to notice Talons attitude towards certain situations change as he entered sexual maturity, as Talon was our first dog and we were young/relatively in experienced owners we sought advice from our local vet. Our vet had recommended giving Elaine Henley a call as she was more than just the run of the mill ‘dog trainer’ she was a specialised animal behaviourist.

Upon contacting Elaine for the first time we noticed that she was very professional and highly knowledgeable. Everything that Elaine had discussed and highlighted during this consultation hit home and although at times was tough to hear was exactly what we required in order to get Talon back on track and stop him from entering down the wrong path and possible aggression related issues.

During our consultation, Elaine had recommended that we carry out certain measures to take control of our house back from our hormonal, needy and temperamental dog. Elaine also recommended that we attend her weekly classes with Talon to continue his rehabilitation and training. Over the weeks and months that followed we begun to notice vast differences in both Talons attitude, behaviour and general wellbeing. He begun to relax more, trust people and learn to avoid situations that could cause issues. Due to Elaine’s help we managed to have a further 7 years of happy times with our big boy who we loved dearly.

Due to Talons nature and characteristics we fell in love with the Dogue de Bordeaux breed, we now have 2 further Douge de Bordeaux’s. Winston (1 & ½) and Kaya (4 & ½). Elaine was again instrumental in our lives with our current dogs, we have been attending classes with Winston from puppy now through to teenager and have learned our lessons from our previous mistakes along with Elaine’s guidance in order not to (molly cuddle) Winston.

Our other dog Kaya is a rescue dog who came into our lives in February on this year. We were always keen on having two dogs this time around and applied to adopt Kaya. We discussed the adoption process with Elaine, who had taken time to provide us with advice on which age, sex, temperament etc that we should be looking for in order to get along with Winston. We really appreciated this as Elaine had taken time out of her personal life to discuss this process with us and allow us make the best decision we have ever made.

We now have a very happy healthy and sociable household in which our dogs welcome all visitors with pleasant but behaved greeting, and gain great enjoyment from long walks with our friendly and sociable dogs in all situations.

We have known owned dogs for 8-9 years now and experienced several ‘puppy and dog trainers’, none of these compare to the vast knowledge and experience of real life situations that Elaine Henley possesses. Do not waste time and money on any other classes/trainer let Elaine’s professional credentials speak for themselves.


Barry and Kirsty

Andy: reactive to other dogs; Duncan: general manners.

andydundanMy first dog Andy had some issues with other dogs, and at times acted in a very ‘un-Labrador like’ fashion. Elaine did a home visit to see how Andy was in the house, and also how he reacted to other dogs when out walking. She recommended attending her classes in Bridge of Weir as part of her plan for Andy. She promised that in the end Andy would be “the dog you have always wanted”.

After attending classes with Andy and learning how to handle him in certain scenarios where he might otherwise have been allowed to dangerously interact with other dogs, I was confident in my ability to keep him under close control when out and about with other dogs in the immediate vicinity. That was a few years ago now, but by using and reinforcing the basic principles taught by Elaine, Andy is much happier and contented and truly is “the dog I always wanted”.

I took my second dog Duncan to Elaine as a six month old puppy to learn obedience. During our time with Elaine, Duncan has proved himself to be a very capable and obedient dog as well as one of the most social dogs you can imagine. He has taken part in, and successfully completed, his Bronze and Silver “Good Citizen” awards which were organised by Elaine.

As well as usual training evenings, there are also party nights like Hallowe’en where dogs (and sometimes their handlers) are encouraged to turn up in fancy dress, Christmas party night with Santa Dog handing out presents, Easter bonnet parade etc. Whilst these are indeed fun nights, it is still good training for the dogs as it puts them in different situations which gives the dog cause to think and adapt to what is going on. Where else would you see how your four legged friend reacts when confronted with a dog dressed as a cow, a large spider with 8 legs or maybe as Auld Nick himself complete with red horns?

Duncan and I have been attending Elaine’s classes for roughly 7 years. Nowadays it is more a social thing and less of a need to keep him under control. As we get out of the car on a Thursday evening in Bridge of Weir, Duncan is visibly excited about meeting up with his friends etc in the Church hall – which reinforces to myself that Elaine’s classes are more than worthwhile to the wellbeing of my dog.

Roddy, Andy & Duncan

cooperCooper: inability to cope with frustration, reward crashing and caregiver directed aggression.

We adopted our gorgeous boy Cooper when he was 8 months old and had been told that he was in need of some training. Cooper was a large dog even at that age and was taller than me when he jumped up on me and could rest his paws on my shoulders.

Unfortunately Coopers behaviour was such that he would jump up on me when I had him out for a walk and would bite at my arms/ sleeves …there were numerous ripped jackets! Coopers behaviour was no better at home and it resulted in Cooper having to wear a muzzle both inside the house and when out on walks. He just seemed to get over- excited and this always resulted in him jumping up on me and tugging at my arms etc- not once did he ever do this with my parter!

We sought help from others to address the issues and were initially told to ignore the bad behaviour and praise the good…easier said than done when my arms were black and blue! We did work with some people but it only ever reduced the unwanted behaviour slightly and for a short time…that is until we found Elaine.

Elaine asked for some video clips of Cooper’s unwanted behaviour as well as details of our daily routine with him. She met with us at our home at the end of December 2014 and advised on all the things we should change…which was pretty much everything! Cooper was to be given boundaries ( for the first time!). He was now to sleep in his bed in the kitchen as opposed to on the couch and was only to be allowed into the lounge when we “invited” him in along with us. He was only allowed to stay if he remained within his new allocated area which now has another bed for him. Within a matter of a couple of days of implementing the new rules, Cooper was like a different dog- he was so chilled out that it was hard to believe it was the same dog who was used to getting into such a frenzy over the slightest thing! His behaviour at home was much more under control and slowly but surely his behaviour began to improve outside too.

We gave Cooper food toys when he came in after a walk to save him from “crashing” after the excitement of being outside and instead of running around the house like a whippet( albeit a gigantic one) he started to calm down much quicker with his extra food.

After working with Elaine at our one to one sessions we eventually progressed to the point that we attend the weekly training classes, something I thought could never happen! Cooper just loves them and meeting up with his fellow classmates and it is clear that these sessions are absolutely to train me rather than Cooper.

It’s fair to say that we’re both a work in progress and no doubt will continue to be! I just wish we’d met Elaine much sooner and we’d have perhaps reached this stage a long time ago! I suspect we may not have still had Cooper with us if it hadn’t been for Elaine.

I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough for anyone in need of help with their pet.

Linda and Alan

archieArchie: intolerance of other dogs when they come near to his caregiver when she has food.

Archie & I have been attending Elaine’s Thursday night doggy classes for 18 months or so. Archie is my 4 year old westie and he has really benefited from these classes (me too !!).

I tell my friends that he learns ‘patience & manners’ while he’s there but its a whole lot more than that. All off lead, there’s agility exercises (yes, keeps the owners fit as well !!); fun games like Hide n Seek where they have to find the hidden money, toy, box etc; encouraging your dog to lie down & ‘settle’. These are only a handful of the activities that take place which change week to week. Elaine is always able to come up with new & interesting ways to keep the dogs both stimulated & listening to their owners at the same time. Does Archie do everything right first time ? Not a chance (he’s a willful terrier after all) but I live in hope & in the meantime we will continue coming to the classes !!

Here is a picture of Archie with his house-mate Cara. Wonder if Elaine will ever branch out into cat training classes………..???

Anne & Archie

Louis: reactive towards male dogs

louisI came to Elaine four years ago for help after having exhausted all other avenues with my canine companion (a male English springer spaniel). Having left a message on her web site, Elaine got in touch with me within the matter of hours and arranged to come to my home within a couple of days to complete an initial assessment of Louis.

Following her visit, Elaine produced a report that was unique to Louis and his issues, which explained how his issues had happened but more importantly, outlined a three step treatment to his remediation. A large part of the plan comprised coming to Elaine’s older dog class where Louis could socialise in a safe environment with other dogs and their care-givers. Elaine also gave us home work to complete, which focussed on teaching Louis patience and restraint. It’s been a long road but thanks to Elaine’s help we have been incident free for two years and counting. I don’t think Louis and I would have been able to continue living together if it wasn’t for Elaine’s help and I am deeply grateful and indebted to her for her help.

Graham & Louis

Sark: Fear of traffic noise and resource guarding

sarkSark is a blue merle border collie who was 9 weeks old when I bought her. Despite having had 3 previous border collies and competed in obedience competitions, it soon became apparent that Sark had a couple of issues that I could not fix myself. I contacted Elaine and she visited us at home.

The first issue was with noise particularly traffic. Elaine explained what steps to take and gradually Sark became confident and enjoys her walks.

The second issue was one of possession when Sark used to steal things in particular my husbands socks. This was resolved using rewards.

Sark started puppy classes and after making new puppy friends and having great fun she would be zonked out for the rest of the day.

We have continued with Elaine’s classes which Sark and I thoroughly enjoy. I probably needed more training than Sark.

Our walks are enjoyable due to the controlled socialisation at the classes.

Without Elaine I would not have the balanced dog that Sark has become.

Thank you Elaine.

Margery and Sark

Gaby: nervous when meeting people

gabbyWhen Gaby was young she was very submissive and often wee’d when someone talked to her or if another dog approached her. With Elaine’s guidance we built up her confidence with lots of socialising and reward training.

She was one of the dogs chosen by Elaine to show Dog Wardens how to approach dogs with different behaviour problems and although the training was specifically for the Wardens it greatly helped Gaby to be amongst so many different people.

Over time with socialising and training the puddles soon diminished. Now in advanced dog training classes, Elaine continues to keep our dogs focused with disciplines such as scent and search, agility, football dribbling and many obedience styled games – great fun for four and two legs alike.  Thanks Elaine.

Rosie: sound sensitivity and fear of traffic

“Hi Elaine

RosieJust wanted to say how much your advice is appreciated in helping me become a helpful and trusted caregiver to my dog Rosie. I want the best for her and all the support and guidance you share with us through our classes with you and our one to ones is invaluable. I was especially grateful for the training advice you gave to help with Rosie’s anxiety and her sensitivity to noise. Particularly traffic. You explained that collies are often quite anxious and sensitive to noise and provided some training techniques for me to do to help her. She has improved a great deal it’s all down to your training advice. Walkies are much more relaxed for both of us. The classes are great fun and all the ‘mums & dads’ are more than happy to share experiences. Fun and not such fun! We all often end up laughing with each other at our very (dis)obedient charges! Things can be tricky at times but this adds to the fun and makes us all more aware of how we need to be in control. Simple commands like ‘this way!’ can get a dog out of trouble. Two words that can save the world! Another valuable command is ‘STOP!’. I don’t need to tell anyone how important that could be. ‘Don’t you dare!’ is a particular favourite of mine. I use all three of these commands all too often with Rosie!

Thanks again for all your help and support over the last couple of years. Onwards and upwards!”

Lorna & Rosie xx

Mac:  dog reactive

“Just wanted to drop a wee note to say thank u for all your help over the last few months! I can’t believe how well Mac (my 16 month old head strong german Shepard) is coming along! I never thought I would see the day I could be in a room full of other dogs with him on a loose lead or to leave him sitting off lead!!! It has taken time and patience but it had paid off and we couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank u xxx”

Michelle Nixon and Mac

Alf: reactivity when being handled for veterinary procedures, reactivity towards new baby in the house

“Hi Elaine,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The last year seems to have flown in with baby Oliver!

Alf is doing really well. He is much calmer than before and the structure seems to suit him better too. He knows he doesn’t get out the kitchen / conservatory without his muzzle on and it’s not a problem putting it on nor does he ever try to get the muzzle off either.

He has his small area of the living room where he goes for peace and quiet when Oliver is making too much noise!

We clean his eyes regularly and whereas previously this was difficult, it’s not a problem now. He picked up one eye infection last summer but we had no difficulty administering drops as Alf sits still and lets us now.

Thanks for your time and help. It’s made a big difference to us and Alf.

Hope all is well with you.”

Steven & Susie & Oliver & Alf!

Bailey and Scotty: inter dog fighting in the house

“Hi Elaine, Hope you are well. Just wanted to give you a wee email to let you know how things are going.

So far, so good! We had a family party last night and everyone was saying how much calmer and how well behaved both the boys were……..B’s chemical neutering has obviously worked as he is a much calmer dog, and much more fun to be around – he was an absolute star when I took him to my dad’s in Devon where he has two dogs of his own, as well as some sheep!

Just want to say thank you for your help, it’s been really great to see them change and become much nicer to us and each other.”

K, S, B & C

Adopt A Boxer Scotland: behavioural advice and support

“As a registered charity it is important that we only deal with professionals that have both the academic and practical experience. Having a relationship with an Accredited Clinical Behaviourist such as Elaine is an absolute must for any organisation looking to rehome dogs.

Having engaged Elaine’s professional services on several occasions for dogs in our care we have been able to turn damaged dogs into happy family pets that have enriched the lives of their new care givers. It has been a pleasure watching dogs that were withdrawn and scared of the world turn into confident happy dogs, all of this would not have been possible if not for Elaine’s thorough initial assessment, behaviour modification plan, guidance on what type of home would best suit these dogs and ongoing support. The change in these dogs has being remarkable.

As well as the behavioural work Elaine took the time to meet with us when we were in the beginning stages of setting up the rescue where she offered advice and guidance. From there we have built up a good working relationship, without which it would be impossible to provide both the dogs and adopter with the care and support we offer.

Elaine has planned and hosted several behaviour talks for us; one for our volunteers better to understand the behaviour of the dogs coming into our care and one for the general public. Both our volunteers and the general public found these talks to have been informative and of value.

We would not hesitate in recommending Elaine to anyone seeking behavioural support.”

Adopt A Boxer Scotland

Alfie: caregiver directed aggression

“We had some issues with our spaniel who had been growling and displaying aggression at times, which resulted in him biting me. We knew that it was our fault as we had spoilt him and he had the run of the house but things couldn’t go on as our son was born last year.

Elaine came to her house, chatted to us and observed our dog’s behaviour. She was able to highlight where we had went wrong and how to change things.

Six months later our Spaniel is like a different dog and quite frankly Elaine’s guidance has kept our wee family together and we will always be grateful.

If you wish to get your precious pup’s behaviour sorted and aren’t afraid of hearing some home truths then look no further than Elaine Henley.”

Elaine & David

Niki: lack of self control and fear of children

“Thought I would send a short message to let you know how well Niki is getting on and has fitted in perfectly to everyday things now. He lies about and sleeps outside the cage during the day when I do the housework etc and never gets in the way. A good wee routine and he is healthy as ever… and no chewing! He has figured giving children a wide berth is the best solution, that prams bigger than him are always a good idea to walk behind!. Thank you for helping me sort the issues we had before, im very pleased with the outcome :)”


Poppy: caregiver directed aggression

“Poppy is thriving with Laura the dog walker and is off leash with her. Poppy is absolutely amazing, all the work was worth it, I really couldn’t ask for a better dog.

Thank you for all your help and advice, you have worked wonders.”


Kira: lack of house manners, territory guarding

“Kira has continued to settle down. She has two walks in the morning before 10.30, sleeps until lunchtime, and then plays with her sticks/toys in the garden if mum is outside. She is taken down the glen mid afternoon, has a paddle in the burn, then back up to my brother’s house for a snooze(!) before going back over to be with mum. She has a further two walks in the evening and seems to enjoy her routine. Despite this she has put on weight(!), but the Vet says she’s ok.

She is as happy in my brother’s house as she is at mum’s. My mum took a stroke in March (is fine now) and Kira just moved over to Keith’s house– no bother at all! She sees his house as her second home! Keith does lots of rough and tumble playing with her which she just loves!

We were slightly concerned that she might get very excited when mum came back from hospital but she just circled her, and then sat at her feet for the next few hours – she couldn’t have been better!

You gave us advice very early on about getting her into a night routine. She has been absolutely fine ever since then and she settles down for the night now as soon as she comes back from her last walk.

We are so lucky to have such a good natured dog who is now very much part of our family.

I know I’ve said it before but ‘thank you’ for giving us tips to work with Kira and the confidence to handle her.

I hope Kira is happy. She certainly looks as though she is enjoying life so hopefully she will have forgotten her unsettled start in life. She seems very settled now and brings us so much fun and laughter. She’s quite a character!”


Freya: reactivity towards dogs, territory patrolling

“Since your visit last Monday, Freya and I have had a lot of fun, and put in a good deal of hard work implementing what you taught us.

Within a day or so, she was responding really swiftly as you know to “check in”. The white terrier she had dashed after passed the other day, his/her owner is rather elderly (90’s) so to walk the lower end of our garden took a little while. During that time we had three “check-ins” to which Freya responded swiftly and positively.

In the house she sits at the top / bottom of the stairs until invited up / down. I am also teaching her Czardas’ “Like a Lady” , ie sashaying up stairs gently rather than dashing excitedly. She has to sit on her “perch” in the kitchen when anyone comes to the door (butcher, postman etc.) and wait. She even has to wait on her perch until “Daddy” comes in the door.

I have to say that overall, whilst she still has moments when she appears in a “dwam”, she is far more responsive. I feel her eye contact is good, tho’ now and again she “drifts off”.

By the end of another week, I would hope if this training and progress continues, we might talk about integrating into doggie society?”


Kimmi: territorial reactivity

“Things are going fantastically well!

Kimmi is so much more relaxed and is loving her new diet. She also seems pleased when we do “check in” – as if she has done her duty and is receiving thanks for it instead of a telling off. Her noisy reactions are much reduced and when she does react, it is much quieter and for short periods only. It’s noticeable that when she barks at the back gate, she comes running back to us before we even get the chance to shout “check in” – and her tail’s wagging like mad! Tail wagging and posture is now happy and playful instead of tense and excited. On several occasions, she hasn’t even responded to someone coming up the front steps. But, best of all, there hasn’t been a single episode of snapping since we started our new programme!

She’s happy in the kitchen and seems pleased with her new bed – she’s only bounced on and off the couch twice since getting it and that was when she was full of glee because wee Sophie came in.

We’ve ordered some of the food toys you recommend. She’s already having great fun using the ones we already had.

We can’t thank you enough – more so for helping to train us on how we should work with her. I wonder if she’s responding positively to us now that we are more relaxed with her?

Your report is very thorough and is lovely and clear. We very much appreciate your careful wording regarding “aggression”. Thanks too for making insurance claim easier for us!”


Peggy: puppy classes

“After waiting almost 50 years until circumstances were right to share my life with a dog, I finally got Peggy, our black Labrador retriever. My husband and I had never owned a dog before and we both wanted to get it right. To find a good and kind trainer who offers an excellent and reward based training without using physical punishment and to source healthy and natural food were our priorities. After reading Gwen Baileys book “The perfect puppy” and lots of research on the internet, I found Elaine Henley. From the very beginning – my first email (as were all the others) was answered almost instantly – I knew I was on the right track. Before I even joined her outstanding puppy class, she had answered numerous emails and I never once had the feeling she got fed up with all my questions. Although we have to drive more than two hours one way to join her training class, we have never once regretted having made the journey. Her classes are very clear, well structured and lots of fun for the dogs. They are fun for us too, however, we do get the occasional “thick ear” when it is apparent that we have not done our homework and not implemented what we have learned at class into our day to day life at home. Elaine is very very clear not only in dealing with the animals, which I am very grateful for. She really cares that we get it right. I admire her patience with all of us (mainly the owners) because she never gets tired to repeat important information over and over again until it sinks in. Peggy mirrors us every day what we have not quite mastered yet. Although I have read quite a few books about dog training, without Elaine’s help we would have never got it right. To be at the class every week and do all the exercises makes all the difference. We would not want to miss one class for anything.

I would have never expected to receive so much help and encouragement when we were first thinking of joining a dog training class and we are more than grateful for all the support we have received so far. Thank you!”

Stephanie & Adrian

Tyler: reactivity towards dogs

“We rehomed Tyler a 4 ½ yrs old male cocker spaniel. He had issues with other dogs which got worst after he was neutered. Walking was difficult, when a dog came into Tyler’s vision he would bark aggressively and drag us in the dogs’ direction. There was no way of getting thru to him, favourite toy, walking in the opposite direction, nothing would pacify him. In fact it felt like the ‘shutters had gone down’. In the house he started pacing, attention seeking and barking.

I contacted Elaine after finding her name on Pets as Therapy website. We arranged a home visit and she very quickly identified and explained Tyler’s behaviour. Elaine worked with Tyler and within in a short time he was chilling in his bed. Elaine visit (3-4 hrs) was followed up with a report including various recommendations, information on diet, training, play and games to stimulate.

We introduced the recommendations and what a difference. Tyler is moving forward, he is much less reactive to other dogs. We are now equipped with the tools to ‘lift the shutters’ should he try to react. In fact, walking is now a pleasure and Tyler has become more responsive to us. In the house he is much more settled. Tyler is now balanced and becoming more confident. Elaine helped us to understand what was causing Tyler’s issues. We now attend Elaine’s training class as we wish to continue with Tyler’s development.

Elaine works not only with your pet but equally as important with the owners ensuring the best possible results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine and her positive techniques. Elaine, a BIG thank you.”


Tuka: fearful and reactive towards dogs

“We own a three year old German Shepherd dog called Tuka. He is very affectionate towards people, but unfortunately is not so friendly towards other dogs. We used to dread taking him for walks, because as soon as another dog appeared he would try to drag us across the street barking aggressively and generally being a bad dog. We had tried different dog trainers, and nearly all the techniques that are commonly used for dogs with this problem, to no avail. In fact he became immune to these methods and his behavior was gradually getting worse. After reading an article in the paper about Elaine we got in touch with her, and from the very first consultation with her there was a marked difference in Tuka’s behavior. Elaine not only teaches the dog, she teaches the owners. We now attend her classes once a week, and while he can still display bad behavior on occasions, we no longer dread taking him for walks and he can walk past a dog without dragging us across the street. Elaine is very supportive, and you can call her with any problem that may arise with your dog, no matter how small, and she will always give you her honest opinion. We cannot thank her enough for her help and support, and would recommend her to anyone that owns a dog.”

Carol & Rachael, Bearsden

Hamish: fear of people and lack of recall

“A wee update on Hamish. He is much better with the barking. It hasn’t stopped completely but it is very rare now. I didn’t expect the barking to stop altogether but I’m very happy with his progress. When I throw a ball he will chase it and bring it back to me. He is very good off the lead, when I call him he comes back 9 times out of 10 even if there’s another dog around which is a huge improvement. He is also quite happy to get his lead on when its time to go home, well most of the time. The odd time he won’t come over I just open the car door and he will run in. It’s all the small differences that have made a life a lot easier for me. My friends can’t believe how well behaved he is. Taking him out walks is a lot more enjoyable for both of us. Thanks again for all your help.”

Zoe, Renfrew

Ben: resource guarding

“Thanks for your email. I think we’re comfortable with trying all your suggestions; the tricky bit will be getting the whole family to be consistent. Last night went very well with Ben’s crate in the hall where he could hear us all getting up to go to the loo in the middle of the night, snoring etc! I came down to him at 7 this morning whacking his tail against each side of the crate pleased to see me. He has never done this before. The drip feeding beside him worked very well this morning & I used your tips from your booklet (bed time reading last night) this morning on our walk to improve his pulling on the lead, which worked well also. We’ve just had a play in the garden after I got back from work & he is in great form. He guarded the toys/balls in the garden but gave them up pretty much immediately when offered a bit of carrot so all great so far! So thanks for your help, I am looking forward to Ben being a more relaxed and content dog & so will endeavour to work hard with these new much nicer tactics.”

Carol, Bearsden

Blaze: biting people who came to the front door

“Just an update on progress with Blaze. He is doing extremely well. Have not needed to use the muzzle when people come to the house as I am able to now tell him to go to his bed and stay there! He will stay there till I ask him to come out. His behaviour is very good outside also. Obviously he is on his lead and I still watch him with other dogs especially if they are off the lead but the improvement is fantastic. I’m glad I spoke to you early on and put the training into practice as I have a wonderful loving dog. My brother brings round his 5 month old westie, which Blaze saw when it was 3 months old. The two dogs are amazing together. They play constantly for hours without becoming tired or showing each other any aggression or frustration. Thank you for your advice and help. I will continue to go forward with both my dogs and if i experience any other problems I will be in touch. Kind Regards.”

Pamela, Kilmarnock

Darcy: deaf dog training

“Thank you for your email and thanks for coming to the house too. We have been working with Darcy and the clicker torch – it’s great fun isn’t it! She’s a wee star and is very enthusiastic when the torch and treats come out. Thanks again Elaine.”

Sandra, Skelmorlie

Shana: puppy/teenager & adult dog training class

“As soon as we brought home our 9 week old Springer Spaniel puppy “Shana”, we enrolled her in Elaine’s training classes. Elaine’s advice during all stages of Shana’s development was invaluable and she was always ready and willing to help, even out with class times. Thanks to Elaine’s skills, experience and advice Shana has grown into a happy, obedient, confident and well socialised dog who is a pleasure to own and spend time with. We would strongly urge anyone with a dog, whether it be an adult or puppy, to attend Elaine’s “Take the Lead” training classes. These classes are not only a wise investment in your dog’s behavioural well-being, but they are tremendous fun as well.”

Kenny and Laura, Houston

Poppy: caregiver directed reactivity

“We have increased poppys walks and her mouthing has calmed down a bit more. She is doing well with her training and i am so happy that we got in contact with you. You have helped us loads and I am so impressed with what you do and hope one day I have a fantastic well behaved dog. This will all be down to your help. Just working hard now to get poppy to stop jumping and running at people. Once again thank you for your help, your just fab and the kids think your great at dog training.”



“You may remember you came up to Stepps to see my mum’s German Shepherd, Kira.

I just wanted to give you an update.

She is absolutely amazing! She is a changed dog – very docile in the house and although she still gets excited when someone new comes to the house, she settles down very quickly. This is still a work in progress!! When she comes back from her walk, she goes to sleep almost immediately – with her comfort blanket between her paws! She loves playing in the garden with her sticks but if it’s only mum in the house, Kira is quite settled and well behaved.

She walks very well on the lead most of the time. She has very occasional lapses but two horses past us today and she looked at them and carried on walking.

The night routine you suggested continues to work. My brother takes Kira out last thing at night and mum is ready for bed when they come back. Not a peep from her – apart from barking at the foxes but we can live with that!

We are really enjoying her and when we think back to how she was when she came at first, the change is unbelievable!

She is very gentle with mum but VERY protective, which is good.

Had it not been for your input we have would struggled to keep her. She is not perfectly behaved but has made huge strides. She is so placid in the house and she just loves being with people-although she is happy when she is left alone in the house.

I just wanted to let you know how your ‘pupil’ was progressing and to say ‘thank you’.”


Bramble: Separation distress

“We can’t thank you enough really. I hate to say it but I thought I was going to have to give my dog away as I could no longer provide him with what he needed. I couldn’t leave him alone even for a few minutes without him whining, barking and howling which he would persist with the whole time I was out causing my neighbours to complain and completely controlling my life.

I would recommend Elaine without hesitation, she is a truly experienced professional. There are a lot of behaviourists online but I would urge you to see Elaine! Elaine responded to my continuous questions immediately, her advice was highly effective and her commitment is astounding, she really cares about your pet and about how it is affecting your life too.

I spent so much time and money on ideas off the internet, so called ‘dog trainers’ and useless products, what Elaine gives you is invaluable; a true diagnosis of your dog. A diagnosis of your dog’s issue is the key to solving their problems, as only someone with Elaine’s knowledge and experience can do that. She gives you simple instructions and very much support for the owners too, because I needed it! It’s hard work but within a week I was seeing huge progress and now I can leave my dog for 4 hours!! I can’t believe how fast it has been and now I have a normal happy life where I can actually leave the house without my dog. We’re all so much happier.

I would not have got here without Elaine, she is so committed and always got back to me so promptly. I have really really appreciated your ongoing support Elaine and again I can’t say how grateful we are. I didn’t think it was possible to see such an improvement in Bramble!!”

Becky, Kester and Bramble

“I would recommend Elaine without hesitation, she is a truly experienced professional. There are a lot of behaviourists online but I would urge you to see Elaine!”

– Becky, Kester and Bramble

Our methods

Effective behaviour modification can be accomplished without using any sort of aggressive measures. I advise only modern, positive, kind, fair, and effective methods of training and behaviour. When methods are employed in this manner, the relationship between a human and his/her pet is strengthened.

Does your pet have a behaviour problem? We can help.